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15.11.2012, 23:19

I care for medicine that's why I entered Ryazan State Medical University. The history of our university goes back to 1950. It was formed on the base of the Third Moscow Medical Institute and was named after academician I.P. Pavlov. At present it is one of the top higher medical schools. It is also known in other countries – a lot of foreign students study here, too. There are medical as well as humanitarian faculties at our University. The medical are the faculties of therapy, pharmacy, dentistry and preventive medicine. The faculties of philology, ecology, law and management are humanitarian ones.

I study at the faculty of therapy It trains general practitioners. The course of study lasts six years. In the first two years we study general and pre-clinical subjects. Beginning with the third year we shall study special subjects such as Therapy, Surgery and Obstetrics. There are two terms in the Academic year. At the end of each term we take examinations.

I should say that to be a medical student is a difficult job. Every day we have one or two lectures and practical classes. I try not to miss lectures and always take notes of them. My favorite subjects are Anatomy, Histology and Biochemistry. They are difficult but very important for my future work. We study foreign languages, too. I am sure that to be a highly skilled specialist one to read foreign medical literature in order to be aware of the latest achievements in the field of therapy, surgery gynecology and so on.

Some of our students live at the hostel, other rent rooms or live with parents. Those who get good marks at the examinations get grants. For some students education is free of change. Other have to pay for their studies.

I an sure that thanks to the high level of education and up-to-date educational facilities our students will become highly skilled specialists.

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